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Reference Name: Gabriele Di Stefano, Paolo Emilio Bellisario

Produzione mobili

Carpenters and design furniture

Society is transforming. The design of living space becomes the design of temporality and flexibility, the need of easy and rapid changements and interactions between the space and people.
The new space for living changes over time and takes different functions. The paradigm of computing and communication make it technologically advanced.
Born in 2014 as a specific brand of STUDIO 14 Soc. cooperativa, MOOW is an Italian multidisciplinary studio mixing young talented carpenters, craftsmen, awards winning designers and innovative makers.
Following handmade quality MOOW is connecting the experience and skills of professionals who made of wood their passion, side by side with high-tech machinery, turning woods into everlasting products.
We believe it is important to identify ourselves with a thought, a path and never miss the joy of what you do. So it doesn't matter what is the arrival but the approach you have, the way you choose to face and solve the problems or client's requests.
We believe that our multiple skills, operative contaminations and different disciplinary approaches are needed to let our projects having a multi-layered structure, retained necessary to work across the indefinite boundaries of architecture, art and design.
MOOW team is curious and constantly enchanted of avant-garde technologies, ready to receive the changing times and open to new things.
MOOW team is actually working to find out innovative concepts on housing furniture, retail and commercial, office furnitures, concept store, pop-up store, art installations.


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